Neko Kugyay was a site hundreds of people around the world role played on for over 9 years until it's recent shut down in January 2018. I've created this site to give the childhood back to so many other fellow Nekos! This is a fun, safe, and imaginative place to be so please enjoy! 



​"You Should Know..."


Neko Kugyay is a mature, literate role-play. This means that scenes of violence and mature situations may present themselves at any time. For this reason, only mature users should view and join this website. If you are under the age of 13, please have your legal guardian's permission before joining. Thank you for your compliance. 



"Our Mission Is..."


To provide a safe environment in which youth across the globe can express themselves through writing and the creating of characters that are just as unique and talented as they are. 



*Before role playing, please visit the "Join and Rules" tab for the rules!  -Zenadia

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We are beginning the transition into Spring! The weather ranges from the lower 50's to higher 60's. Snow fall is less seen around this time of the year, grass begins to green in certain areas, and the days are begin to get longer.