*The breeds/species are limitless. Let your imagination run wild. 


*Respect Owners, Mods and Members alike. Treat them how you would like to be treated, with politeness and friendliness. 

*No begging or asking for a high rank. High ranks are chosen by the site owners. If you have any questions about how to be chosen, please email an admin.

*Fighting is allowed, but there cant be:

  • Any sudden deaths
  • No automatic heals(You have to wait at least 2 turns to heal)
  • If you leave during the fight, you automatically lose

*Relationship are allowed, but NO sex scenes. Lets keep it SFW. (They make direct messages for a reason xD )

*No bullying

Advertising Other Sites:

*You are allowed to advertise other sites IF you DM a mod/admin and ask first. If we see you advertising a different site without permission you will be met with repercussions.

Higher Rank Rules:

* If you have a high rank and you are not active at least 4 out of the 7 days  of the week. Failure to do so in 2 weeks in a row will result in a probation period. I will be forced to give your rank to another member that is actually active if failure to be active 4 out of 7 days occurs 3 week in a row. 

* No discrimination

*No mistreatment; be equal and fair

* 5 complaints in a 30 day period will result in TERMINATION or a probation period.


 Zenaida Rose

 Please, feel free to email her with any questions or concerns!


*We are an "everyone is equal" friendly site. Which means any act of favoritism from Mods/Admins will result in probation periods or termination of rank. Please DM Zenadia to report any misconduct or misuse of role from any higher rank members.

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We are beginning the transition into Spring! The weather ranges from the lower 50's to higher 60's. Snow fall is less seen around this time of the year, grass begins to green in certain areas, and the days are begin to get longer.