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Zenadia Rose (AKA Zen or Rose)


November 14th, 1998

Appearance|| Coffee-color haired extrovert loves meeting new people. The female neko has glassy crimson eyes complimented with golden skin. The neko tends to wear over sized sweaters, ripped jeans, and hoodies. 

Personality||  Zenadia, Zen for short, can be found at the skate park or waterfall working on either her skating or sketches. She has a few "quirks", if you will, like her love for astrology.

History|| Zenadia's past life is a dark, chilling story; A story that not many know simply because she does not speak of it. She stumbled her way into Neko Club in the middle of the night during a cold winter snow storm a few years back. After being invited into Mr and Mrs. Cohen's home that night, she vowed to never leave. Zenadia learned what a family is suppose to be like living with the Cohens. Sadly, they died in a car crash a year later. Zenadia knew she belonged here even if the Cohens couldn't be. She made a home here, as many would soon join her.

"I have previously identified as Bree or Tes, but more currently Zenadia. For nearly 10 years now I have been role playing on many different well-known and popular sites."

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